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01/12/2017 UFN A new URADMONITOR detection unit is now installed to monitor both ionising radiation levels and air quality parameters. This unit replaces the previous 1100006B which will be re-located in a new position, to improve the control of the area. In few days a dedicated webpage will be available. Air quality and radiation data will be available for free.
11/04/2016 UFN The webcam is now operative. Galbiate is seen from North looking to the South.
23/02/2016 UFN Cooperation with SETI to analyse the data coming from the radiotelescope of Arecibo.
09/01/2016 UFN From now on the annual reports with the avarage values recorded by the meteo station DW6022 are available at the "WEATHER" page. These reports are automatically delivered to NOAA for the studies on the global climate. This a free-of-charge service offered for research purposes.
18/02/2015 UFN From now on the new service is started on this website. You can read online data at the RADIATION page of this website.

The progran is run in cooperation with the Global Radiation Monitoring Network uRADMonitor.

11-02-2015 18/02/2015 In few days a new service will start on this website. In cooperation with the Global Radiation Monitoring Network uRADMonitor, our new station will start sending Radiation data. Measurements are done in Galbaite (LC) and are related to Beta and Gamma Radiation. Stay tuned!!!


01/01/2014 UFN The new VHF-UHF Radio Station is now operative. Callsign IU2BDZ. Member of ARI Lecco.
01-05-2013 UFN Starting from 2013 May 1st we are partner of Centro Meteo Lombardo to whom we feed meteorological data acquired by the Station DW6022.

16-10-2010 UFN

Starting from 2010 October 16th a new Meteorological Section of this website is active.
The WEATHER page reports weather information related to the area of Galbiate (LC) - North Italy.
We cooperate with NOAA and the CWO Programme.





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